Game Reserve

Balule Grietjie Nature Reserve

Balule Nature Reserve, and therefore Grietjie by incorporation, is within the Greater Kruger National Park and the UNESCO proclaimed Kruger to Canyons Biosphere Reserve. This biosphere reserve is the largest of its kind in the world (7,000,000 acres or 23,000 km²). The reserve is only an hour’s drive from two of the main gates to the Kruger National Park. It is in the mixed woodland eco-zone, one of several eco-zones in the Lowveld, and the one with the greatest variety of fauna and flora. The landscape is rolling with seasonal rivers draining the area. The region is of granitic origin, with quartz and Dolerite intrusions and outcrops.

Mhangela has traversing rights on Grietjie including 6km of impressive river frontage on the perennial Olifants River as well as on the neighbouring reserves Doreen & Paul (GDP). With the removal of the Kruger National Park boundary fence and subsequent influx of wildlife into the area it offers guests a chance for spectacular animal sightings. The varied habitat supports a healthy diversity of wildlife and an impressive birding list of over 280 species sighted. Big 5 species are encountered frequently on the reserve, but it is a special honour to be privy to the secret lives of the lesser known species.

The reserves holds territories for lion prides and there are often leopard sightings. Big herds of elephants roam through the reserves and obviously there is a lot of general game including the beautiful giraffes, impalas and zebras. Mhangela offers as well night drives if interesting animal sightings are reported so there is always a chance to see predators on the hunt or on a kill and you can experience the beautiful skies of Africa with millions of stars.